Anyone who knows me knows that I love, lOvE, LoVe puppies!

If you live around the mid-coast, you could be a part-time weekend puppy raiser through the America VetDogs program who has partnered with the Maine State Prison in Warren. This great program trains guide and service dogs that will be paired with veterans and first responders who have disabilities and require the service of a specially trained dog.

According to the America VetDog website, this is how the program works. The puppies live at the Maine State Prison during the week and are trained by inmates to get them started as guide and service dogs. This part of the training lasts between 12-16 months, and then the puppies are returned to the the American VetDog program headquarters in New York to begin more formalized training for their service specialities.

Here is where you come is. Weekend puppy raisers enjoy a puppy in their home on weekends for 12-14 months and provide much of the socialization aspect that puppies need. You would take them with you and introduce them to people, places, and things that make them well rounded dogs. This is also something that the prisoners are not able to do since they are incarcerated.

This is a great way to enjoy a furry friend in your life, and also help provide a wonderful service for those in need.

CLICK HERE to sign up and learn more about this rewarding puppy adventure.

Oh, and make sure to bring the puppy by the station...cuz, well I want puppy time too! Woof!

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