If you know me, you know one thing I love is to laugh. And, I laugh a lot.

I personally believe laughter is the best medicine and can cure a multitude of many things.

We've known for years that laughter can improve a person's health.  For instance, laughter can build your immune system, laughing burns calories, laughter releases feel-good endorphins, and laughing can even reduce your stress level.

We have a lot of fun at my office.  Recently, I've noticed that laughing a lot makes me super tired.  Not just because laughing works your muscles, either.

This morning after laughing more than usual I made the comment "I wonder if laughing makes you tired?". Followed by "I always get tired close to the end of the show and especially after we've laughed a lot". Thinking I was crazy but clearly curious if there was some truth behind my madness, I started researching it.

It looks like I may not be totally crazy. According to Psychology Today, apparently laughing in the evening causes your body to release extra Melatonin (AKA the "sleepy hormone").

Clearly, I'm not a professional by any means, but I'd assume that means anytime you laugh your body produces this hormone and not just in the evening.

There is clearly more to their findings, but I definitely think it's accurate because I'm tired from all that laughing. Also, I just gotta add that some of my favorite things to learn, I learn randomly. Haha.


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