Everyone's idea of a vacation home is different...  Some people love the idea of time shares because it allows them to visit a different beach or tropical locale each year.  Some people want a small house in a thriving tourist town.  And, some people really want to get away from it all.  Far, far, far away from it all.

If the idea of having a private island estate has always appealed to you, you really need to check out Hall Island.

According to the listing on Realtor.com, Hall Island is located just off the coast of Jonesport, Maine.

At nine acres, the island features the typical rugged terrain you find on almost every coastal Maine island.  However, the island does also have several small, sandy, beaches.

Hall Island also contains several small, 90+ year old, camps.  These are definitely not luxury accommodations, but that's not really why you'd want to vacation on a secluded Maine island, is it?  And, let's face it, the rustic living arrangement just adds to the magic of the place.

Of course, depending on local building regulations, it could be possible to replace those camps with a very nice house.

The listing further describes the island as:

The island is a microcosmic environment with hills and valleys, marshes and meadows, with a variety of vegetation including many birches, alders, blueberries and cranberries, mosses and wild irises, as well as the ubiquitous evergreens. There are mossy paths and sunny clearings throughout the island, that have been maintained and improved over the years. It's a truly magical place!

Take a look around...

You Could Own This Private Maine Island

Located off the coast of Jonesport, Maine, Hall Island encompasses 9 acres and contains two structures. Get all the details HERE

As of August 2022, the list price is $600,000.  Assuming you put down $140,000 at closing that is about $3,200 per month.

Get more details HERE.

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