Seems that people think when they are requested to show for jury duty...that they have a choice in the matter.  That is NOT the case...and Superior Court Justice Robert Mullen has had enough with the no-shows and is ready to haul jurors to court!

Mullen has called a dozen of them to appear before him at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday at Somerset County Superior Court to discuss the problem. They potentially face a fine or jail time if they snub that follow-up call to report to the county courthouse.

Look's your civic duty and obligation to serve jury duty.  If you can't, contact the courts...but don't be an irresponsible citizen and just no-show.  There's a consequence to your actions...or the lack thereof.  So take the moral high road and just do it.  Not doing it could result in a $100 fine and up to 3 days in jail,.

On another come several people have been asked on more than one occasion...meanwhile, I've never been asked once!  I've always wanted to do it.

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