The traffic lights in Augusta are going to cause me to drive off a bridge.  Calm down...not literally....just figuratively.  I'm not talking about one set of lights...there are multiple intersections where the lights, clearly, are short fused or malfunctioning.

Let's start with the ones by the Togus VA.  If you are headed East/West on Route 17 and get the red light, at the intersection, it turns green and almost IMMEDIATELY turns red again...allowing only 2 vehicles to pass through.  It does this regardless if cars are coming from the other direction or not.

Next...the intersection at the new Hannaford on Stone St.  Every morning, on my way to work, the light is green.  BUT just as I'm getting to it (no cars in sight) it turns red...turning the lights at Hannaford and CVS green.  There are NO cars going into these businesses because it's 4am!!!  But every morning, I have to stop...and wait for the lights to cycle through.


Now...the lights at the Augusta Plaza on Western Avenue...where I have to go to work.  I need to turn left.  EVERY I approach the lights they turn red.  The lights at Kmart and Uhaul turn to green.  AGAIN...THERE IS NO TRAFFIC FOR THESE LIGHTS.  It's 4am!!  I sit there and wait and wait and wait.  HOWEVER, in the daytime, if you are in the Augusta Plaza and want to turn left on to Western Avenue...good luck waiting for the light to even turn green.  You missed your chance at 4am...better luck next time.


DEAR CITY OF AUGUSTA - PLEASE FIX YOUR LIGHTS.  It would be greatly appreciated.

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