You can dress me up, but you can’t take me to a showroom with bathtubs and expect me to NOT get in! Check out my video of the brand new showroom for Frank Webb Home at FirstPark in Oakland!

We have been talking about building a home. We talk about it A LOT! A LOT! There are so many things we have agreed upon. Those decisions are easy since we are both minimalists.

It is all easy until we get to bathrooms.  This is the areas of the ‘dream house’ that we both have different wants, needs and design ideas.  Since we already decided there would two bathrooms it is easy to let both our personalities shine.

He wants a nice big tub and a larger space with more mirrors.

Me? I am a shower girl. I just need some well thought out storage and good lighting.

They even showed me a toilet that cleans its self? SWEET!

Thanks to what I learned at Frank Webb Home, I have no worries when we can find what we want.

Even better...because the Frank Webb Home Showroom has SO many products right there for you to touch, see and they even have the shower-heads and kitchen faucets are hooked up. Turn them on, see them in action.  I am a touchy-feely buyer.  I love online browsing...BUT I have a hard time spending if I have not a chance to touch the item.

So many items for your bath or kitchen projects for ALL budgets.

Debby, the showroom manager, said it is best to set an appointment so they have the times to focus on Y-O-U!

F.W Webb is the largest plumbing and heating supplier in the northeast; they know their stuff.  That also means you may only have wait days for your items, not months!




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