Like everyone else, I miss all of the fairs and festivals that have been canceled due to COVID-19. I’m especially sad for having pumpkin fest canceled. I figured I would help and do my part. But what could I do? In honor of the cancelled festival I picked up a giant pumpkin seedling this spring. In my own way it was keeping pumpkin fest alive. I could try to grow the largest giant pumpkin I could. Who knows, many a 100lbs, 500 lbs,  perhaps I could get lucky and grow an award winning 1500 pounder!


I didn’t actually believe I would have a massive pumpkin large enough to paddle around in like our Brittany Rose did last year. I did however think I would have a pumpkin that was at least 50 pounds. Two words-epic fail.


My pumpkin vine is massive. The flowers came out as expected and I had plenty of bees cross pollinating. Just in case the female flowers were not getting pollen from the male flowers, I used a cotton swab to make sure of it. I tried hard. Water almost everyday because of the super dry summer.


As you can see from my pictures, all of my care with all the watering was for nothing. There is still hope because I have one pumpkin left growing. I’m hoping it will be big enough to at least put on my porch. It is now time for me to leave giant pumpkin growing to the professionals and hope that pumpkin fest will be on again next year.


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