Tired of running out of toilet paper? Do you ever look down at the roll, now bare, with the cardboard staring back at you humbling you in your most vulnerable state? Do you live with a household of animals who have no concept of changing said roll?

Charmin has the solution! Introducing the "Forever Roll"!

This ultra-super-duper-mega sized roll comes in two ultra-super-duper-mega sizes, Single-User which comes in at 8.7 inches in diameter, Multi-User which comes in at a full FOOT in diameter! Yes, you red that right, twelve inches think of cushy TP in one roll.

I know, I know. You're probably looking at that measly holder in your bathroom and laughing at the thought that that much TP could fit. Charmin acknowledges this issue and is offering a deal on their starter kit that includes 3 Forever Rolls and a freestanding TP holder! Normally the holder alone is $29.99, but with the starter kit deal, you can get the 3 rolls and holder for just $29.97!

Charmin is also offering free shipping and a money back guarantee! For just $9.99 per Forever roll, this could absolutely save your family some big bucks and even bigger headaches!

Interested in getting a roll for your family? Get 'em here!

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