Most of us use Amazon to save a couple of bucks from the comfort of our couch in our underwear, but did you know they carry some higher ticket items? With the Bee Big Bucks Blowout starting Thursday, May 16th, here are some ideas of how you can spend the cash without having to leave the house...or put on pants.

5. A 15 Piece Couch

Flash Furniture via Amazon

Ok, so obviously you need a space big enough to accommodate this beast. From the looks of it you could fit your entire 7th-grade class on this bad boy. Honestly, it looks like something Tom Haverford from "Parks and Recreation" would have in his club.

4. This GIANT Bookcase

Hooker Furniture via Amazon

If you get this I have one request, no, scratch that, I have one DEMAND, you have to modify it to have a secret door to a secret room. You can't look at this giant bookcase and not suspect that there's a whole other room on the other side. The door needs to activate when you push the trunk down on a little elephant statue. Or else. Sorry, I don't know why I'm threatening you over how to spend your $5k. Jealousy, most likely.

3. Two Orders of Bulk Caviar

This is how you know you're fancy: buying caviar, IN BULK. Does Sam's Club offer this deal next to the 27-pound packages of chicken breasts? I don't think so. I bet this caviar is stored in Jeff Bezos' own basement. Also, the description says it has sturgeon. I wonder if they came out of the Kennebec? This is one of those things you buy just because you can. Flaunt it, honey.

2. This Fancy Toilet

Toto via Amazon

I just asked Google how long the average person spends on the toilet and apparently, it's nearly 92 days.


I'd wager a guess that since the advent of smartphones this number is actually going to come out as being higher, but I digress as I type this from my Android in the work bathroom. Regardless, TREAT YO'SELF! (That's the 2nd 'Parks and Rec' reference I've made so far. I should really find a newer show to watch. I regret nothing. BOOM THERE'S THREE.) This ain't yo' momma's toilet. This bad boy has auto open, close, and flush functions, as well as a built-in bidet, and temperature control. Plus it has a nightlight so no more blinding yourself when you have to get up in the middle of the night. Speaking of getting up at night, how would a warm seat sound? Hella relaxing am I right? Suddenly my own toilet seems very, pedestrian.

1. These Rare Sneakers

Nike via Amazon Prime

Ok, I'm not going to pretend to understand paying a premium for pricey shoes especially ones that look like a 1996 Trapper Keeper but hey, this could be your big ticket item! Apparently, this particular design is incredibly rare and commemorates Lebron James' 4th NBA MVP award. Perhaps they have a secret compartment in the sole filled with Benjamins? At least with this one, you'll have some money left over. Maybe use that for an extra car or student loan payment. You know, something, dare I say, responsible?

Whatever you'd blow your cash on if you're the big winner, spend it on whatever YOU want. Even if it's weird. Or excessive. Or unnecessary. No judgment here!