With summer in full effect and the mercury going through the roof lately there is not much incentive to heat up the house cooking. So bring that party outside to the grill.
Personally, I never need much of an incentive to grill. It's my go-to pretty much nine months out of the year, and even the remaining three if the recipe or my cravings require it.

I just naturally assume we come out of the womb knowing how to grill. How to get that steak any doneness that anyone requests. How to make the most out of any grilling task from super moist proteins to perfectly grilled veggies.

I know realize great grillers aren't born, they are made. There may be instinct there but it needs to be refined.

Here's a few of my most trusted tips...yes, I said that on purpose, to ensure your grill game in up to par.

  • Make sure that grill is hot
    No matter if you are using gas or charcoal, if the grill is not hot enough you will start drying things out without the benefit of searing, and those impressive grill marks. Hit at least 500 degrees and adjust from there according to what you are grilling up.
  • Create different heat zones
    To expand on the last grill tip, it's important to know what needs to be cooked hot and fast, and what needs to be low and slow, with the object to always come out at the same time for serving. This is a skill that will take a lot of touch and go to master but it is a solid skill to have. In general, for either pork or beef, use high heat and flip as little as possible. Low and slow for chicken to get a nice grill char on the outside and juicy on the inside.
  • Easy on the flipping
    Here is a great reminder for everyone. Only flip the burger patty one time! And whatever you do, don’t press down on it into the grate, yes it makes that sizzle sound and creates a nice big flame so people think you are "grill mastering it" but all that really does is squeeze out the succulent juices and makes it dried out.
  • Master burger tip
    If you are make the burgers yourself, start with 80/20 beef, it gives the best fat to beef ratio allowing a ton of flavor, and a juicy burger. The main trick to remember is while forming the burger create a thinner middle to the patty, this will ensure you have a flatter burger once it hits the heat. Many people form them opposite with flatter edges and that will get you a meatball fast.
  • Let it Rest
    Finally, make sure your food gets time to rest! 5 minutes is fine, 10 is better but, some of us just can't control ourselves. Letting it sit before slicing allows the juices to redistribute themselves throughout, allowing for a more tender and flavorful bite.

Now go show those mad skills off! Enjoy.

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