While it is nothing like the constant, underlying, terror felt by those who lived through the height of the Cold War, especially the Cuban Missile Crisis, the last few weeks have probably made many people feel a little uneasy.

While most people are thinking a lot less about the chance we could have a war with Russia over Ukraine, the idea that we could be the victim of a nuclear attack is still in the back of people's minds.  The threat of a nuclear attack could come from Russia, North Korea, terrorists, or some other lesser known country that somehow got their hands on a nuclear weapon.

So, if the unthinkable happened, how safe would we be here in New England?  Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts, specifically.

Based on information from Business Insider, and speculation from our resident Cold War history geeks, we have come up with a list of possible targets if things did go badly.

***Keep in mind, this list is not meant to scare you***  

It is ONLY meant for those who are curious.  In all likelihood, the situation never escalate to a point where the United States is involved.  And, even if it did, it would be EXTREMELY unlikely that Putin would use nuclear weapons against other countries.


For our list, we focused only on military targets and military infrastructure targets that we know about.  Of course, there could be secret military installations spread across Maine, New Hampshire, and the other New England states that we have no idea about. We excluded from our list the infrastructure & civilian targets that would be a jerk move to attack.  For example, some lists have cities like Portland and Lewiston, but our list does not.

What would you do if you thought an attack could be coming?  Where would you go?  Let us know.  Send us an email through our app or on Facebook.

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