Oy Vey, Folks!!   This isn't our first go round with false stories trolling around social media sites.  However, it's not the stories I see floating around that make me laugh or queasy (depending on the story)...instead it is the people who actually believe the validity of such gossip.  C'mon, the human race is smarter than this...I hope!

So, a story has been spreading like wildfire about a hunter in Colorado making accusations that he was sexually assaulted by Sasquatch!  So, just to put it to rest, this story isn't TRUE.  In fact, it is very very false.

A reminder, there are websites where you can create false stories.  So, beware, you will be seeing more and more of these fairy tales floating around.  Now you know to 'consider your source'.

Courtesy of snopes.com

My civic duty is done for today.

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