Waking up this morning with a new fresh blanket of snow had me screaming expletives for the entire house to hear.  (Sorry kids...go back to sleep).  I looked around for the cameras because I thought for sure I was being "punked".  Mother Nature is clearly hung up on revenge with the great state of Maine. 

This season has been brutal and I am clearly running out of positive thoughts to get me through it.  My glass is now half empty.  I'm certain summer will never come.  We will be stuck in this arctic frozen caca forever.  One thing I know to be true...if you can't handle a Maine winter, you certainly do not deserve a Maine summer.

Ah yes...summer.  Longer days with sunshine.  Swimming in our pool.  Going to Popham beach...I promise to not complain about the sand!  Funtown Splashtown (where great Americans come to play).  Eating Gifford's ice cream (chocolate toasted coconut).  I'd kill for a sunburn right now...it's certainly better than frostbite.  BBQ's...corn on the cob...pasta salad...burgers...steak...ribs...potato salad.  Farm stands on the side of the road.  Awww...strawberry picking and more strawberry picking.  Eating too many strawberries.  Roasting marshmallows.

I suppose this helped refill my glass a smidge...but just to be safe, I have un-friended Mother Nature from Facebook.

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