I was greatly disappointed,this morning when I learned that our Governor would not be inviting the New England Patriots to Maine following their epic win against the Atlanta Falcons.  According to Boston.com, LePage said there was “no chance” that he would invite them because the Patriots are “bad business” and lack “character and integrity.”

Speechless.  Just speechless.  Aside from Gov. LePage's opinion of the Patriots, who is he to decide who comes to Maine and who doesn't?  Mainers LOVE the Patriots.  We deserve to celebrate with them.  So, if LePage won't invite the BEST NFL team of ALL time to Maine...then please allow me to!

Pats Petition

Dear New England Patriots:

First, let us congratulate you all on your AMAZING win of Super Bowl LI!  WOW! 

Second, please forgive Maine.  Our Governor doesn't speak for ALL of us.  

Third, we would LOVE to invite the New England Patriots to come visit Augusta, Maine & celebrate your well-deserved victory!  

This has been a memorable season for the New England Patriots and we are proud to be fans.  Maine would be honored to welcome such a great group of athletes to our capitol.  Your dedication, drive & spirit are certainly qualities our Governor could learn to model after.  

Our doors are ALWAYS open.

If you agree and would LOVE to see the NE Pats visit our great capitol...sign the petition!


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