With the weather getting warmer by the day, it has me thinking about everything Summer related: Ice cream, beaches, ice cream, hiking, Ice cream. You get the gist, Summer is basically based solely around nice cold refreshing ice cream.

Unfortunately, I have a dairy allergy so its not often I find a place that can offer a dairy free alternative that still tastes like the real deal.

On the norm I just sit out on the ice cream adventures but this morning on the Buzz and Kristi in the morning show, we had the chance to taste test every new flavor that Gifford's Famous Ice Cream, has to offer.

How do you just sit out on the best ice cream around? Hint. You don't!

Ice Cream for breakfast? Yes! Buzz & Kristi are trying the new Gifford's Flavors

Posted by B98.5, Central Maine's Country on Friday, May 22, 2020

Gifford's Famous Ice Cream was so kind to offer up these amazing samples for us to try, it would have just been so rude of me not to try them. Aside from not wanting to be rude of course, how do you turn down flavors like Cinnamon Granola Crunch,Dough your Job, German Chocolate Cake, Lemon Berry Shortcake, Peanut Butter Caramel Cookie Dough and last but certainly not least Strawberry Cake Crunch.

I only sample and I mean the tiniest spoonful of each flavor but man o man were they delicious. My personal favorite has to be the Strawberry Cake Crunch, it tasted just like a Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake ice cream bar!

Thank you again Gifford's for bring a taste of Ice cream back into my life, even if it could only be a tiny taste test.

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