Join me on 9/11 at the Augusta Civic Center for the 'Roll Up Your Sleeve and Remember' Blood Drive.  It all gets underway starting at 8am.  I will be broadcasting with B98.5 from the event starting at 10am.  Walk-ins are welcome, but sign ups are encouraged.  Click here to schedule your appointment.  

O negative, also known as the universal donor, is the most sought after blood type.  Also, A negative is another one that is usually in high demand but low supply is available.  If you are either of those, consider donating.  Of course, ALL blood types are needed and wanted.  If you meet the criteria, consider making a donation on Sunday.

The entire process only takes about 45 minutes.  There's a health screening at the beginning.  The donation process is approximately 20 minutes.  Then you wait for 15 minutes in the cafe where you drink juice and eat a snack.  45 minutes of your time can save a life.

To find out if you are eligible to donate blood, visit


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