$45 is what it costs right now to get a Sam's Club Membership. I've had one for a while now but I got it because the girl advertising it was attractive and I wanted to talk to her. After getting it, I never found myself going there until this weekend. Wal Mart was MOBBED on Saturday and I found myself not wanting to wait in long lines so I went to Sam's Club and WOW I am never going anywhere else. This is not a sponsored post, they are not paying for me to say this (if Sam's Club wants to, hit me up i'd be SO down).

Most people know how Sam's Club works, bulk Items, good deals, and a delicious food court. When you have a family it's logical to shop there, the bigger items allow for more bang for your buck, but as a single guy I never thought it would be worth it. Well, much like everything else in my life, I was thoroughly wrong. I spent less than $40 dollars there and got enough food to last a week. Which for me is ASTOUNDING.

So all in all, is a Sam's Club Membership worth it? YES!

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