Where do I even start? I'll start with YOU are amazing!

I decided to start with you because there is no way Camp Out Hunger 2020 could have been as successful as it was with you! Together we as a community came together and blew our initial goal out of the water.

This Morning during Buzz and Kristi in the Morning, Captain Scott Murray of the Captial Region Salvation Army came in to announce the food totals that Central Maine came together to raise. I was and still am speechless at the amount.

Are you ready?

The tight nit, not so little, Central Maine community came together and raised 38,000 pounds of food with an estimated retail value of $120,000.00! Yep, you read that correctly—Mind-blowing what we can do when we come together as a team.

We, as morning shows, co-hosts did nothing more than our job of relaying information being the middle man. There is no way we could have achieved this crazy number without you and a ton of amazing sponsors. It truly takes a village!




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