The home of pizza, Italy, has a pizza problem. It’s more of a pizza ‘making’ problem. Fewer and fewer young Italians are interested in the pizza making trade leading to a shortage of pizza makers.

Pizza making is a tough business with long hours and low pay and more and more young Italians are shying away from the business. With 25,000 pizzerias and three billion pizzas served every year, the country needs 'makers'.

Immigrants are filling the role of ‘Italian Pizza Maker’ with Egyptians have a knack for creating the perfect pizza. They run many of the pizza restaurants in major cities like Rome, Milan and Turin. Many pizzerias hire immigrants because their wagers are cheaper and they will work long hours.

The head of the Italian School for Pizza Makers says Egyptian immigrants can make a pretty good pizza, it needs to be crunchy and digestible and not everyone can do that.