When Bing Crosby sang about dreaming of a white Christmas, he failed to mention the part about the freezing temperatures that accompany it. I have officially lived in Central Maine for one week and I'm pretty sure there hasn't been a warmer temperature here than the coldest temperature I saw living in San Diego for 24 years.

I really do like it here, though I need to time my morning better, even though I live 3 miles from work it has taken 25 minutes getting ready just to leave my parking space; and I don't think I've ever felt a colder feeling than snow falling down my sleeve while cleaning off my car.

Now my first week in Maine has pretty much been spent either at the station, in my apartment, or driving around trying to find places to eat. While I have fallen, so far I have not hurt myself, which I view as a win.

So aside from the weather, there are definitely a few more things I've noticed about Maine that differ from California:

1. What you call rotarys, I call round-abouts.

2. What you call the Interstate, I call a freeway.

3. Only 2 lanes on the Interstate, haven't seen that in a while.

4. Less people on the roads.

Those are the Maine differences I've noticed in my first week here. Now my favorite part about moving here, however, is the cuisine I will experience while living here.

Now finally, since I am new to the area and I have never driven on ice before, if you happen to notice a red Subaru Impreza driving 10 miles under the speed limit with a driver that looks petrified. Just know that I'm trying my best.

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