My son and I enjoy "Seek & Find" books, where we hunt for differences or solve mysteries in pictures. We also love the fun challenges of "Where's Waldo?"

Recently, while working on homework, I had the idea to do a similar activity with you, using famous or well-known buildings in Lewiston, Maine.

I decided to take photos of parts of these beloved spots to see if you can take a crack at guessing what each building is.

Here's a full image of the Dingley Building in Lewiston. Also shown is a close-up photo showing just a small section of the same building.

I've included a personal hint for each picture as well!

Canva Pro/Google Maps
Canva Pro/Google Maps

When I told my mom that I was working on an article like this, she was nice enough to bring up a few of some of my favorite childhood spots.

As we reminisced about my favorite places, I felt nostalgic seeing how much my town of Lewiston has changed over the years.

Lewiston holds a special place in my heart, and I've come up with a list of my favorite spots. Some are famous landmarks, and others are personal favorites known only to those who frequently visit or have lived there for a long time!

Did you get all of them right? If so, let me know on our free 92 Moose app! 

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