Jeff Bezos, the man and the money behind online retailer Amazon, is the richest man in the world, worth a reported $139 billion. After a certain number of zeros, it can be difficult to wrap one’s mind around how much that really is. Bezos also owns 290,000 acres of land, putting him on the top 30 list of private landowners in the country.

Written out, $139 billion looks like this: $139,000,000,000.00
139 billion minutes would equal 264,459.67 years.
139 billion seconds would equal 4,407.66 years.
139 billion miles could bring you to Jupiter and back to Earth 115.64 times.
He’s worth approximately 44.8 President Trumps, and 1.45 Bill Gates’.
Bezos could give $104,041.92 to everyone in Maine, or $426.77 to everyone in the US, or $18.46 to everyone in the world.
Bezos could give $139 to every active Facebook user or he could give $426.38 to every active Twitter user.
He owns enough land to fit 1.45 Baxter State Parks.
He owns enough land to fit 11.6 of Disney’s 25,000 acres. Disney only has 1,100 acres devoted to the theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios) so Bezos could fit 263.64 of the actual parks within his land.

This won't last long, however, as Bezos will be getting a divorce from his wife, MacKenzie, and there was no prenuptial agreement as he wasn't yet a millionaire when they married.

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