The Tonight Show was once called The Tonight Show ‘Starring’ Johnny Carson. Carson came into our bedrooms at 11:30 every Monday through Friday and ran from 1962 to 1992. When Johnny Carson decided to retire, Jay Leno became the host of the Tonight Show; he changed the name a little, too.

When Leno took over in 1992 he named the show The Tonight Show ‘With’ Jay Leno. Leno has been hosting the Tonight Show for 22 years and is going to step aside. His last show will be on February 6th with musical guest Garth Brooks and guest star Billy Crystal, who was Jay’s first guest in 1992.

Jimmy Fallon will take over the Tonight Show on February 17 and he will take the title of the show back to the way Johnny Carson had it, The Tonight Show ‘Starring’ Jimmy Fallon. Look for Jimmy Fallon to be a guest with Jay Leno on February 3rd for a ‘passing of the torch’ kind of show.

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