PBS Digital Studios has animated some celebrity interviews in a series called 'Blank on Blank.' This time around, it's a lost interview with Johnny Cash! The interview is interesting and the animation makes it fun!

In the interview, Cash talks about his views on gospel, what would have happened to him if he'd stopped performing, and how he wanted to die. If you don't listen to the whole six minute interview, be sure to go to 4:20 and hear his response to the question, 'Do you see yourself as an icon?' His response will make you laugh.

Blank on Blank calls themselves a multimedia nonprofit dedicated to cultivating unheard interviews and bringing them to life on YouTube with the added dimension of animation. They have lots of interviews on their website, including one with 'Where the Wild Things Are' author Maurice Sendak talking about being a kid. And Farrah Fawcett talking about stiletto power!

Check out the video and find out why one of the rockers from 'The Who' said he was glad Johnny Cash was on TV. Great to hear the music, voice, and laughter from the Man in Black. We miss you, Johnny Cash!

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