B98.5 will be in the Great Falls Balloon Festival this Saturday in Lewiston and Auburn. I grew up in Auburn and the Great Falls Balloon Festival was always one of my favorite events of the year! There is just something awe inspiring and majestic watching the balloon launches.


Besides all of the hot air balloons, there is plenty of great music, food and family fun!

This year the 24th annual Great Falls Balloon Festival the 'Force Takes Flight'. There will be 'Star Wars' themed balloons. Launch times are at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. each day. If you'd like to take a hot air balloon ride, here are more details.

All the fun starts at 6 a.m. this Friday, for the entire schedule for this weekend, just click here!

Let's look back at a video from last year's Great Falls Balloon Festival.

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