26-year-old Jessica Harvey of Brunswick had people slamming on their brakes near the Augusta Armory and doing double takes on the two in-town circles.

It all started when Augusta Officer Scott Taylor tried to stop Harvey, who was driving a Buick LeSabre on Western Avenue. She turned left into the armory on a red light, causing cars to slam their brakes on.

As Taylor pursued her, she ran another red light and, at a high rate of speed, headed toward Memorial Circle. Not able to negotiate the rotary, she went across the grass to Memorial Drive. Took a shortcut, if you will.

Crossing Memorial Bridge, she hit Cony Circle...literally, went up on a curb and mowed down one of those cute little bushes/trees.

At that point, Harvey's car was disabled so she took off on foot, was captured and arrested.

She was charged with eluding an police officer, criminal mischief, operating while under suspension, refusing to submit to arrest or detention and two counts of violating condition of release.

Oh, she also has three outstanding warrants...two from Farmington and one from Rumford.

It appears that no substances were involved. Nope, just some stupidity, apparently.

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