My husband Stephen and I find it very important to spend time with just him and me. Over the last 15 years, we have learned that date nights are a huge part of what keeps the foundation of marriage solid. We also find it even more important that our children get one on two date nights with us. We love it, and the kids are always super excited to join us on our date nights.

Friday night, our daughter went to a friend's house for a sleepover, and that meant it was our son Logan's turn for date night. We had every intention of surprising him with a fun Hibachi dinner and show, but with a wait time of an hour and everyone getting HANGRY, we knew that wouldn't do. So, we tried just about every other restaurant in Augusta, and at no avail, we still were met with an hour-ish wait.

That's when it happened... Stephen said, " Let's drive-thru hop!" "I could go for a Burger King Whopper with some Arby's curly fries,"... Logan instantly thought this was a stellar idea, and so we drove straight to the best place full of fast-food, western ave aka drive-thru ally.

It might be strange to others, but I think we have found one of our newest and most favorite ways to have a date night, especially when the kids or I am involved. HAHA!


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