I was scrolling Pinterest on my phone looking for a few fun holiday ideas (which alone is a favorite hobby of mine), and I stumbled upon what might be the best idea of all time. A blog called Gluesticks had posted a blog about making gingerbread houses out of pop-tarts. Yep, POP-TARTS!

I knew I needed to try making these fun creations,  we try making gingerbread houses every year, and it NEVER fails; they always crumble before we're even done. It's one of our family traditions, though, so we always give it our best shot anyway.

Things you'll need

  • pop-tarts
  • frosting/icing
  • paper plates
  • candy
  • some more candy
  • when you think you have enough candy.. you don't, so buy more
  • piping bags (you can make one using a zip lock bag) *optional

I asked my family their thoughts on pop-tart gingerbread houses vs. traditional, and we all voted 10/10 in favor of the pop-tart gingerbread houses!


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