Teaching your kids a new chore can be hard especially when they aren't ready for the commitment. So, when it's time for my husband and myself to dish out chores to our ever-growing kids, we always try to give them something simple. When they get the hang of that chore after a few months, we would add another little thing to their list.

There are parents out there that think children shouldn't have to do household chores, but we're the type of parent that believes we all have a part in making the house a mess. Therefore we all should take a hand in cleaning it. I don't expect them to do anything I wouldn't be willing to do myself.

We keep it pretty simple, and more often then not, we let our kids pick what their next and newest chore will be. Our thought process is that when they make the choice on which new duty they get, they don't hate what's been assigned to them. Less whining that way.

Our daughter Belle is in charge of washing the dishes, cleaning her room, and taking out the bathroom trash, plus she has a summer job (so proud of her for that). Logan, our son, has the chores of mowing the lawn, sweeping the floors, cleaning his room, and recently he's been asking how he can help out more around the house.

Unsure what his next level of chores should be, but knowing he just loves helping, we wanted to wait and see what would be the best direction to go. Last night was a perfect time to made the transition into a new chore. Because, when your 10-year-old son looks at you and his dad and says, "can you please teach me how to do laundry?". The answer is never no; you get up and do just that.

Logan was SO proud of his newest accomplishment; he smiled the whole rest of the night. He also ran to the washer and dryer as soon as he heard each cycle end to throw in the next load. I just love his helping heart, and he has no idea just how helpful it is to us as parents. Next chore on his list.. learning to cook dinner!

I can't even begin to describe how blessed we are as parents.

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