Let's start by saying I'm not a professional chef, nor do I think I ever could be. But I am a mom and wife, so I try my best in the kitchen because I want them to like what they are eating, not just for the sole purpose of survival.

I have picked up a few tips and tricks throughout the last 15 years of my marriage and 14 years of motherhood, but I'm still learning. I struggle with overcooking food out of fear that I will serve my family something that could make them ill. I tend to dry out any meat I cook because I need visual confirmation that the food is clearly cooked.

My husband Stephen and our kids have dealt with hard as a rock, hockey puck pork chops, and no longer juicy steak due to my fears. All I can say is they are 3 good sports that laugh and try to eat it regardless. But, I think they are all secretly over overcooked foods, and that may be why Stephen decided that he would get me a new kitchen gadget.

Last night while cooking dinner, I was like, "darn it, I just wish I could tell if this chicken is fully cooked..". The next thing I knew, Stephen was greeting me with a tiny box that held something I should have purchased myself a long, long time ago. In that tiny little box was a new meat thermometer!

139961342_905871606857620_4011555590141668639_n (2)

Isn't it amazing how one small gift can make so many people happy. I'm happy because, well, now that fear of undercooking food is gone, they are happy because now everything they eat won't be dry to the bone. LOL

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