Cell phones are taking over and a lot of people use cell phones as their home phone. Some, like me, still have a landline phone but they may become a thing of the past in Maine.

I like my landline phone and always had one but Maine is joining a growing number of states to pass a law to limit or completely remove requirements that telephone companies provide the landline service. Maine is one of the most rural states in the country and cell phone service is not available everywhere. That, combined with one of the oldest populations in the country, the extinction of landline phones is a concern to many.

FairPoint said that it will still offer landline service in areas that don't have cell service, but that the service quality and price will be left to the free market.

Ohio, Michigan and Kentucky have already allowed telephone companies to stop offering landline service and Maine is in line with California to do the same thing. The issue in Maine is a concern because many parts of the state have spotty cell phone coverage and limited broadband service.

Currently the law requires FairPoint to provide basic service to every customer who wants it, but the company is now allowed to raise its rates up to 5 percent annually.

The day may come in the not too distant future where landline phones will be a thing of the past.

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