I'm sure I am not the only one who has put on a few pounds during the "COVID Experience". So when it comes time to dropping a few pounds the only diet that seems to work well for me is the Keto Diet. In general, those who want to lose weight usually reduce their fat intake, because most people beleive, fat makes fat. Fat is far better than its reputation - and fat in food is not the same as belly fat. Some fats can even help you lose weight. 

The so-called ketogenic diet relies on this effect and is therefore based on the intake of fewer carbohydrates and more fat. I'll explain how it works.

If you want to tackle unpleasant pounds, there are umpteen ways to do it. One of them: the ketogenic diet. It is based on avoiding carbohydrates as much as possible and replacing them with fats. 


If you consider the ketogenic diet for yourself, you have to consider the following: When we eat simple carbohydrates such as light pasta, white rice or white bread, our body converts it into energy. Sugar in particular is quickly available and gets directly into the blood. Our body releases insulin, which injects the sugar into the cells.

At the same time, fat loss is inhibited - the fat reserves remain untouched. They are only broken down if we exercise intensively for a long time and thus burn more energy than we supply our body with food. Great concept right?

Do/don’ts of Keto Diet

If we reduce carbohydrate intake in ketogenic diets and ingest more fats instead, the body creates so-called ketones from the fatty acids. Our body then uses this to generate energy. This also happens when we are on a zero diet or fast, for example.

However, not every fat is suitable for the ketogenic diet: We are shopping for less animal and more vegetable fats. 

Animal fats contain more saturated fatty acids, which hurt our cholesterol levels and blood pressure, Foods that are considered valuable sources of fat are, for example, vegetable oils such as olive, grape-seed or coconut oil or even fatty fish such as salmon or sardines. 

OK, so yes I know what I should do. Now I just need to convince myself to step away from the tacos! It's an ongoing journey, good luck on yours.

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