Have you been contemplating a change in careers?  Not finding the satisfaction you once did in the job you do?  If you can agree with any of these 14 signs that it's time to find a new job...then you should consider freshening up your resume.

According to Forbes, these are the 14 signs it's time to leave...

  1. You lack the passion
  2. You're miserable every morning
  3. Your company is sinking
  4. You dislike the people you work with and/or your boss
  5. You're consistently stressed, negative and/or unhappy at work
  6. Work related stress is affecting your physical health
  7. You don't believe in the company anymore
  8. Your work performance is suffering
  9. You no longer have a good work/life balance
  10. Your skills aren't being tapped
  11. Your job duties have changed/increased...but your pay hasn't
  12. Your ideas are not being heard
  13. You are bored
  14. You are experiencing verbal abuse, sexual harassment or are aware of some form of illegal behavior

Be happy with what you do.

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