UPDATE (June 23rd @ 5 PM)

According to an update from WMTW, the Maine Forestry Service has temporarily suspended issuing brush burning permits online.

Read the statement HERE



Would you surprised if I told you the number of wildfires that have burned in Maine just in 2020 was in the hundreds? Well, it has been. As of right now, the Maine Forest Service says that 663 wildfires have been reported and that cumulatively they have burned more than 840 acres here in the state of Maine. According to Moose listener Robert Kimball, even campgrounds have to abide by the ban and not allow campfires.

According to WMTW News 8, The Maine Forest is concerned about the extremely dry conditions.

It was announced that a man, 28 years old from Island Falls, has been charged with illegal disposal of lighted material for igniting a fire that burned Robinson Mountain and nearby forest.

In a statement by Bill Hamilton, Chief Maine Forest Service Ranger, "Arid conditions and high winds combined to set the table for this dangerous wildfire, with continued dry weather, we need everyone to be vigilant and not engage in activities that spark wildfires.”

It is so important, especially in a state that is made up of so much beautiful woodland, that we all remain aware of the conditions outside before we burn anything. Additionally, if in the future you do decide to burn, make sure you contact your local fire marshal to make sure you have the proper permits and that conditions are conducive for outdoor burning.

As Smokey The Bear always says, "Only YOU can prevent forest fires".

This video will show you just how fast wildfire can move... wow!

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