This bar in Portland, Maine is getting a lot of attention. The bar sits on commercial street and by the looks of the place, is a normal, fun, pub, however it's far from normal, it's paranormal.

Andy's Old Port Pub is now going to be featured on a new Hulu Series and the History Channel called, "Repossessed."

I am obsessed with all things paranormal and supernatural. I totally believe in ghosts and consider myself an amateur hunter of spirit beings. I have had some strange encounters that you can't explain, but never experienced a haunted object.

This is the case for this local pub in Portland. According to WGME, Andy's has a pool table and it is totally haunted. A pool table? Yes. Why?

As the article states, the owner, John Lowell and employees are hearing noises coming from the pool table itself.

"We hear noises from the pool table when nobody's playing, and it can sound like people are playing, you'll hear pool balls that connect with other pool balls,"

He goes on to say that even the patrons have said they've felt, "touching and nudging"

Additionally and even better, they are claiming to have caught footage of objects flying off the selves in the bar, on camera!

This is exciting and I can't wait to see how haunted this pool table is. You know never, maybe it's just a bunch of ghosts that really like pool? And every Friday, they get together with their see-through bods and rack up the balls. Could be "ghost guys night out?"

Who knows, but I know I am going to watch to see what else is going on in this popular and haunted pub in the Old Port.

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