Hardships in whatever form are tough, especially when faced by the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect this great country.

Tom Barr, a resident of Eliot, Maine, and former police chief, recently faced a challenging situation within his home, according to WGME. It's important to note that Tom is a veteran with a Bronze Medal, and is a Purple Heart recipient.

Wayne Avery, a friend of Tom's, noticed that Tom's home was extensively covered with black mold, which is a dire situation made worse by Tom's breathing issues.

Consequently, the decision was made to demolish his home.

Motivated to take action and help his friend, Wayne started a fundraising drive to help Tom in securing a new home. Remarkably, the effort quickly materialized into a reality, and a brand-new home was promptly delivered to Tom's property.

"The donations came really fast, faster than I expected it. Hit the fundraising goal that we needed." Wayne, WGME

Maryann Minard played a vital role in finding the new home for Tom, according to the article.

When Concord Homes of Maine learned it was for a veteran, they generously offered the mobile home at cost! This reduced the listing price by over $19,000. They also covered the delivery expenses.

Thanks to donations, organizers intend to build a ramp and furnish the home. This will ensure a complete and comfortable living space for this deserving veteran.

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