A Maine company called Flowfold hopes to sell their backpacks at LL Bean but first they must be tested.

The company decided to test the backpacks at one of the harshest places on earth, Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. It takes hikers through five different ecosystems – from rain forest to alpine desert to arctic snow cap.

In late February, 3 women, 6 men and 8 backpacks, made the 7 day ascent to the peak of the mountain. They arrived on March 5, 19,341 feet above sea level.

The backpacks were tested for durability in the rain, freezing temperatures, hail, extreme heat and humidity. By climbing Kilimanjaro the company was able to test the backpacks in seven days as compared to an entire year elsewhere.

The company was testing to make sure the backpacks could take everything Maine weather could throw at it. The backpacks performed great!

While going through torrential rain the hikers were told not to cover the backpacks because they company wanted to asses how the design of the waterproof materials and zippers worked. Each bag performed extremely well keeping the contents dry.

According to sunjournal.com the packs will be manufactured at the company’s facility in Scarborough.

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