As much of the state gets geared up for one of the first real snow storms of the winter, the Maine Department of Transportation is warning people about how to drive safely around the state's plow trucks.

Sometimes, we forget that those trucks that keep I-95, and other state roads, clear of snow are as large as they are.  And, as is the case with any large vehicle, they have blind spots.

For those who do not know, blind spots are exactly what they sound like...  They are spots where the driver is unable to see another vehicle (even when using mirrors).

What may surprise you is exactly where those blind spots are on our state plow trucks.  Because of this, the Maine DOT has put out an infographic to show people where these blind spots are.

Take a look at this graphic from the Maine DOT Facebook page:

Maine DOT
Maine DOT

Please drive carefully and make sure you give other vehicles a safe amount of space.

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