With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way the entire world operates, Mainers have had to get really creative about how to do seemingly normal things.

According to the Sun Journal, Edward Little High School in Auburn in planning a drive-in graduation. Katy Grondin, superintendent of schools, said that the principle is currently looking at several different venues and brainstorming on several different ideas with the school's administrative team.

Though it won't equate to the full formal indoor graduation ceremony that we're used to where students sit piled together whispering away as they anxiously await their coveted diplomas, it's still a way for the schools and surrounding community to let the students know that we see them.

As for schools reopening in the fall? Well, that's the hope for many Maine students, parents, teachers and government officials. But, what will that look like? According to Katy Grondin, she suspects students sitting at least 6 feet apart in class, and potentially even starting the day by entering school in waves.

While all of these ideas are still preliminary, it's safe to say that changes are abound, and they will be for quite some time as we march further into the unknown.

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