Gallup and Healthways have been polling Americans every year for the last seven years about their well-being: how well they thrive, struggle or suffer in their respective environments.

The 2014 numbers are in.

Only one New England state did better than Maine and that was Vermont at 13th place.

In the poll’s key metrics of well-being, Mainers answers plot pretty close to national averages in these five measures:

In terms of our financial well-being, Maine still ranked in the top 2/5ths of the country, at19th, just under two other New England states,Vermont  and Massachusetts .

For the following questions regarding finances, we ranked:

  • 12th — Enough money to buy food
  • 13th — Enough money for healthcare
  • 27th — Enough money to do everything you want to do
  • 38th — In the last 7 days, you have not worried about money
  • 29th —  Compared to the people you spend time with, you are satisfied with your standard of living.

What do you think? How happy are you? Would you say Maine's ranking is too high, too low or just right?