Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound, located in Southwest Harbor, is making national news.  Why?  Because of their new idea on how to 'humanely' cook Maine lobster.  Their suggestion?  Doping the lobster up with marijuana.

The term is called hotboxing.  The restaurant is stating that it is better and more humane for the lobster if it is placed in a box that is filled with marijuana smoke.  According to WMTW:

In an experiment, Gill put a lobster into a box with a few inches of water. Marijuana smoke was then blown into the box. She claims the lobster was calmer for the next three weeks – she even released it back into the ocean.

The owner, Charlotte Gill, states that the THC (active ingredient in cannabis) doesn't affect the lobster meat and it's impossible to get 'high' off marijuana-sedated lobsters.

Gill's plan is to build a larger tank that will allow her to sedate more lobsters at once.


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