It's always awesome (most of the time) when a piece of content goes viral on a popular social media platform. I'm still living off the high of my 'Mainer Matt Diesel Truck' video from last year- it was wicked cool!

However, when you compare my views and likes to other TikTokers from Maine, I don't rank very high on the list. And now, another Mainer has gone viral, for the most non-controversial reason ever- kind of.

While I was endlessly scrolling my For You Page over the weekend, a Maine man I follow, Jacob Knowles, came through my feed. And I'll be honest, I had to do a bit of a doubletake.

Jacob_Knowles, TikTok 3.
Jacob_Knowles, TikTok 3.

You see, Jacob is a hard-working Maine-loving lobsterman who works hard each and every day to help supply Maine, and the world, with fresh and delicious Native Maine lobster. So, you can imagine his surprise when a quick educational video he posted last week went instantly viral.

Now, I need to be INCREDIBLY clear with you here. Jacob, a wicked-decent dude from what we can tell on his videos, did NOT actually use a horrific racial slur at the very beginning of this now-viral TikTok video. However, when you mix his fast-talking style with his obvious Maine accent, it might SOUND like something else.

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You see, in the video, Jacob has just pulled up a female lobster that is loaded with eggs. Great opportunity to make a quick video about female lobsters and create a little educational video, right? Right!

Jacob_Knowles, TikTok 2
Jacob_Knowles, TikTok 2

At the beginning of the video, Jacob clearly (or unclearly depending on where you're from) says "WE GOT AN EGGER!". However, that's not what some (errr, most) people initially heard. If you listen quick, especially if you're not reading the on-screen captions, it sounds like he is using a terrible racial slur.

Because of this, the video has garnered millions of views, hundreds of thousands of reactions, and more stitches than I can even begin to count.

Fortunately (most) people realize that this fast-talkin' Maineah' is simple saying 'EGGER' and not a much more offensive word. We're good people up here- we wouldn't do that.

Jacob, thanks for the quick laugh this morning and keep being awesome. And if for some reason you missed the viral Maine video, check it out below!

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