A Maine man who was charged with bigamy in New Hampshire has been arrested in Ohio. Michael Middleton of Old Orchard Beach didn't show up to court Thursday in New Hampshire.

Middleton is accused of having three wives in separate states and could have more, according to prosecutors.

Middleton has been indicted by a New Hampshire grand jury.

"Third time's not a charm," Ohio deputies wrote on Facebook, announcing Middleton's arrest. "This 'Cupid of Chaos' is now awaiting extradition in our jail."

Alicia Grant, of Exeter, said Middleton scammed her out of $20,000.

"He makes you feel special. He makes you feel like he actually cares about you, and then he marries you, abuses you, drains your assets and leaves," Grant said.

Prosecutors say that Middleton scams women into marrying them, takes as many assets as possible and then will leave.

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