On Thursday, we learned that police were investigating a Wednesday night shooting at a home in Springfield, Maine.  At that time, they believed that 45-year-old Matthew Vandine was responsible for the shooting.  As a result, they were searching for Vandine and Noel Wilson, a 32-year-old woman he had reportedly been with.

Following a lengthy weekend standoff, the pair have been arrested.

According to WCSH 6, Penobscot County Sheriff's Department deputies received information leading them to believe that Vandine and Wilson were at a home on Tar Ridge in Prentiss.  ,

Deputies, joined by special response team members, and the Maine State Police Tactical Team responded to a Tar Ridge Road home in Prentiss, Maine.

The article explains that, according to the information they had been given, the pair were hold-up alone in the home.  The information also indicated that there was a weapon inside the home.  Because of this, neighbors were told to shelter in place.

The article goes on to say that several attempts were made to communicate with Vandine and Wilson.  There was not response.

However, after about 6 1/2 hours, both Vandine and Wilson did leave the residence.  They were taken into custody without further incident.

As far as we know, no one was injured during the incident.

*NOTE - All suspects are considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law*

The Springfield Fire Department also assisted during the incident.

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