Love them or hate them, tiny homes are sure to be a popular choice around Maine for some time to come. A tiny home as defined by Maine law is 400 square feet or less. After that things change wildly such as on wheels, or on a slab, maybe with shingled roof, maybe a converted cargo shipping container. With so many variables and the state of Maine taking a very conservative approach to tiny homes, there was a lot of grey area...until now.

With Governor Mills singing a new bill into law that now allows towns to set forth guidelines and restrictions, many will towns reduce many of the restrictions that were in place before according to

With the current housing market pricing many people who want to own out of the market and inventory levels extremely low, the tiny house boom may once again thrive in Maine.

You don't have search far to find custom manufacturers of tiny homes on Maine, or on social media on many plans of how to build a tiny home yourself.

Granted tiny home living isn't for everyone, 400 square feet or less, isn't much room but other people love the concept and make it work.

How many towns will loosen up rules or make provision specifically for tiny homes remains to be seen. Currently, Chelsea, Wiscasset, New Gloucester, Hollis, and Stonington are the only Maine municipalities with specific new laws on the books to allow tiny homes according to the Tiny Home Alliance USA website.

If you are looking for new housing options, maybe a tiny home in Maine is in your future. At least now for many it is a new option.

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