Fishermen Making A Stand At Augusta Civic Center
If you notice more vehicles than usual making their way from the Midcoast to Augusta this morning complete with signs, there’s a reason for this rally. It started at 8:00 am at the Augusta civic center the Maine Midcoast Fisherman’s Association is requesting everyone&…
City of Waterville To Discuss Facial Recognition Software
Privacy and personal civil liberties have always been a topic of conversation that may people, including myself feel very strongly about.
With advances in technology these seem to be challenged more and more in our daily lives.
Facial recognition software for example can be combined with a database of…
Scotch Whisky Is About To Get Cheaper
I try not to get too caught up in any kind of political items. I always exercise my right to vote at the ballot box and vote with my dollars deciding to spend and support things I beleive in. With that being said, some things fall beyond my control...

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