People all over the country, including Maine, look forward to Easter Sunday and Peeps. This is the time year the marshmallow treat is at its peak. We love Peeps even though they are made mostly of sugar and corn syrup.

Here some other facts about marshmallow Peeps:

They have been made in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania since 1953.

It used to take 72 hours to make one Peep, now it takes six minutes. 5 million are made every day or 2 billion per year.

Peeps used to be for Easter only but now can be found for Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day.

There is Peep lip balm.

Peepshi is now a thing, yep, Peep Sushi.

Peeps are the #1 non-chocolate Easter candy.

Peeps have zero fat but the sugar is very high.

Happy Easter, I do enjoy Peeps.