I've known Meryia since she was a teenager. Back then, she was a good student, a good athlete and a great singer. We have sung many a song together and seen each other grow in so many ways.

Now, she's a college graduate, wife, mother of two, leader of a band AND made her way to the 2nd round of auditioning on 'The Voice'!

Yes, that one...Blake Shelton's 'The Voice'!

This past weekend all of her friends on Facebook watched as she posted pictures of her journey to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We all waited for the news and, as we all knew, she made it through the first round of auditions!


I was so proud of her. When you know someone has what it takes and you see them take their first step on what is bound to be a magical journey, your heart pulls. You want it so badly for them! Yesterday she posted the news that, unfortunately, she didn't get through the 2nd round.


Meryia has it all: the Voice, the Look, the Attitude...

Those judges just don't know who they passed on! If you have ever listened to Meryia and her band, Meryia and the Guys, they are a tightly formed group of great musicians and, with Meryia on vocals, they are pretty incredible! She is a wonderful woman and VERY gracious. Here is what she wrote:

Well, audition is done and it was not in the cards for me today...THANK YOU for all your love, support, and donations to help me see this through! Shawn Michaud and I are hitting the road n' heading home to our babies and to all of you. Thanks again, I gave them a killer performance and I was proud to represent our state. I was never afraid to fail, only afraid of never trying! Love from Philly!

THAT is the attitude to have! She is a class act!!! Many more great things are on the horizon for her. We are all so proud of you! Can't wait to catch you right here at home!