The Make-a-Wish Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that helps make a special wish come true for a child with a life threatening illness.  Every 38 minutes a wish is granted in the United States, and every 5 days to a Maine child.  This weekend, Make-a-Wish of Maine granted Connor, Sarah's chiari buddy, his wish.

Connor has been granted the wish for a service dog and he couldn't be more excited about it.  This special friend comes from Noelle's Dogs Four Hope and will help Connor in so many ways.  He or she will alert Connor's parents if he is choking or having an episode of sleep apnea.  The dog will also help with Connor's mobility and alert someone if he's had a fall.  Connor was so excited about this!  Yay Connor!  He deserves some good news.

Connor's Wish

What a wonderful thing the Make-A-Wish Foundation does.  To bring such joy to a child's life isn't cheap.  A service dog can cost up to $20,000.  They rely on fundraisers and donations from the public.  Consider making a donation today!

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