A man in India hasn’t shown up for work for the past 25 years and finally gets fired. A.K. Verma went home sick one day in 1990 and never came back to work. He tried to take an extension of leave but was denied so he just didn’t come in.

He was under investigation starting in 1992 but it wasn’t until this month he was fired. There has been a big increase in absenteeism in India because Indian labor laws make it almost impossible to fire employees for any other reason than ‘criminal misconduct’.

The firing of an employee after years of not showing up for their job has happened before. Last August a school teacher final got his walking papers after not going to work for 23 years. Others take advantage of the strict non-firing laws by arriving to work late, taking a long lunch or spending several hours playing golf on the governments time.

Some states in India are starting to change their laws to make it easier to fire the nation’s civil servants for not showing up for work which has resently come about since the A.K Verma case was made public.